Cryptii started as a little web app in 2009 by Fränz. Back then it was called FF Text Converter. In 2011 the project was finally renamed and moved to Since it was featured on the Reddit frontpage in August 2015 – the 'Hug of Death' as they call it – it grew in popularity. It was completely redesigned and rewritten in 2017 introducing modular translation and encoding methods that can be chained together. Today the web app gets requested over 10k times a day while it is still under active development in the background.


☞ Is this secure?

All translations are done client-side and do not rely on server processing. Unless you share a pipe you've put together no content leaves your device while using the app1. The web app always gets served via an HTTPS connection2 providing authenticity and privacy. However to stay secure you need to keep your browser up to date and free of untrusted extensions.

Please keep in mind that a lot of the translation methods offered in this app are not considered secure. The selection was made primarily based on historical and educational relevance.

☞ How to disable ads?

This service is fueled soly by ad revenue from non-intrusive ad placements. If you prefer you may block ads and trackers altogether by using the Brave browser (referral link) while still supporting content creators. You may also download the source code of this app and build your own copy to use it locally and without ads.

☞ How to contribute?

This is an Open Source project published under the MIT license. Find the source code, releases & changelog and bug tracker in the repository on GitHub. If you consider to contribute to the project, please read the contributing guidelines.

☞ How to access the app via Tor? (beta)

This app can be accessed through the Tor anonymity network using one of the official hidden onion services:


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(1) In rare occasions meta data and part of the content may be sent to a server to provide error reporting if an untreated error occures while using the app. In this case user data will be kept private until it expires and gets removed.

(2) Requests to the official Tor onion service of this app get served via HTTP though secured by the Tor tunnel.